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When mobile viewers click on your banners, they should be transported to a landing page that engages their attention and educates them on the breadth of your channel’s content. This is an essential part of enticing audiences to start watching your channel and ultimately converting them to regular viewers.

In order to craft or select a landing page that accomplishes these goals successfully, we recommend the following criteria:

Visual Appeal

  • High-quality images from the various programs on your channel, including known actors, scenes, locations, etc.
  • Engaging design to create an attractive and professional look.

Device & Platform Details

Platform Availability:

  • Landing page will display the various platforms this channel is available on, e.g. Samsung
  • Banner or streamer icons ideally should link out to the various streams/platforms.

Device Compatibility Information:

  • Information on supported devices (e.g. Smart TVs, mobile devices, streaming devices).

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA):

  • Prominent and compelling CTA buttons (e.g., "Watch Now," "Start Free Trial," "Sign Up").

Subscription Details:

  • Clear information about subscription plans (if any), pricing, and benefits.
  • Highlight any free trial offers or promotions.

Ad-Free Options:

  • Information on any available ad-free viewing options and how to access them.

Channel Content Previews

  • Trailers or previews of popular programs, new releases, or special events.
    • This should be included within the CTV spot for display
  • Provide a schedule or list of shows with synopsis, etc


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