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MRSS is the most efficient and easiest method to deliver content to Wurl. This document is an introduction on how to deliver your content to Wurl via MRSS. Please review the MRSS specifications below to ensure that your MRSS feeds meet the Wurl Spec. This will help ensure an on time launch. 

MRSS Ingest Specifications

MRSS Tags 


The most efficient way to build your program library within Wurl is by delivering assets via an MRSS feed.

  • Send high-priority content first. rather than delivering your entire library all at once.

    • Prioritize the content you intend to launch with and deliver that first. This will alleviate the stresses of delivering huge quantities of content in a single delivery.

  • Organize your feeds:

    • Separating content logically between multiple MRSS feeds is strongly suggested. It can expedite workflows when scheduling content on Wurl.

    • Organize your feeds by series, show, channel

Feed Updates


Changes in the MRSS feed will reflect at the asset level of the Scheduler.

To update Episodes, please see the Update Episode Metadata From Asset article regarding Episode Updates from MRSS 


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