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Integration Overview

Integration as a Streamer on Wurl's network involves verification, design and testing of HLS Stream Playback, AdSpring SSAI Integration, and EPG Metadata ingest. A Workbook is provided below to facilitate and capture all design requirements.
Prior to beginning your integration, Wurl's Specifications for HLS Streams, AdSpring SSAI and EPG Formats should be thoroughly reviewed:

Fast Path Integration Workbook

Wurl's Integration Workbook offers guidance and test materials so Streamers can independently verify support of Wurl streams & EPG across all devices. Test Materials and checklists are included to ensure Streamers can validate all integrations touch points:


Streamers should answer all questions and perform all tests, and reach out to your Wurl contacts with any questions. 

Please contact Wurl to discuss integration and receive an Integration Workbook. 

Process and Timelines

The overall process for integration is as follows:

  1. The Streamer reviews all Wurl Specifications
  2. The Streamer performs integration tests and completes the Integration Workbook 
  3. Wurl reviews the Workbook, and may follow up with the Streamer to clarify results
  4. Streamers pass Wurl's technical validation to ensure that AdSpring Metadata Delivery & Ad Server Integration are working as required
  5. Wurl creates a dedicated integration for the Streamer and notifies our Content Companies
  6. While initial channels are prepared, the Streamer is introduced to Wurl's Operations teams and processes 

Integration timelines are mainly dependent on the level of testing resource and technical readiness of Wurl Streamers. By thoroughly reviewing Wurl's Specifications and completing the Integration Workbook, Streamers may pass technical validation in as little as 1 month.


For any questions, please reach out to your Wurl contacts or the Wurl Streamer Operations team at StreamerOps@wurl.com.

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