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Gracenote Delivery Overview

Some Streamers prefer to ingest schedule data from Gracenote directly. If a Wurl Content Company has an active Gracenote agreement for schedule delivery, Wurl can deliver the Schedules to Gracenote directly for retrieval by the Streamer.  


Gracenote EPG Data Fields

Wurl delivers the following data to Gracenote for every channel, for tomorrow + 6 days of schedules:

  • Episode ID
  • Episode Title
  • Episode Thumbnail (16:9, minimum 1280x720)
  • Episode Description
  • Episode Original air date (Release Date)
  • Episode Number
  • Episode Duration
  • Episode External IDs
  • Series Title
  • Season Number
  • Scheduled Position (#)
  • Scheduled Start time

The above metadata is delivered by Wurl to Gracenote for them to process and deliver to the Streamer. Gracenote may also enhance the EPG feed with additional metadata present in their content library.


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