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SSAI Overview

For an overview of Wurl's AdSpring Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), please first read this page.

Ad Server Integration Fields

Ad Server integration for Streamers relies on the following Macros. 

The rows in blue indicate device-level metadata that is passed by the application in the playback URL request. Rows in bold are required for ad insertion.

The additional rows in white indicate additional metadata which can be passed from Wurl's SSAI to your own Ad Server, if you are implementing your own Ad Server tags with Wurl. Your Ad Server and VAST Tag design should determine which of the blue and white row fields are required.


CCPA (US Only)

The US_PRIVACY string contains information about disclosures made and choices selected by a user regarding consumer data privacy under U.S. Privacy regulation.  For details on the application of CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), refer to: https://iabtechlab.com/standards/ccpa


GDPR and TCF (EU Only)

The GDPR consent string is dependent on the service provider's implementation for handling GDPR consent.  At the simplest form, this can be a value of “0” for no consent and “1” for consent.  However, it is highly recommended to use a Consent Manage Platform (CMP) utilizing Transparent and Consent Framework (TCF) to deliver a TCF consent string signal from the device.

The IAB also provides a recommendation here around the TCF consent string: https://github.com/InteractiveAdvertisingBureau/GDPR-Transparency-and-Consent-Framework/blob/master/TCFv2/TCF-Implementation-Guidelines.md


IFA Types

The IAB’s suggestions for IFA Types which should correspond to different types of Device IDs are available in IAB's IFA Type guidelines at: https://iabtechlab.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/OTT-IFA-guidelines.final_Dec2018.pdf



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